The Host

The host of Keep Classical Weird: Casey Bozell

Charismatic violinist and presenter Casey Bozell offers performances and music experiences which engage and inspire audiences across the Pacific Northwest. Her bold and colorful playing “draws out strong emotions” (The Linfield Review) and casts new light on traditional repertoire. As a presenter, Casey shares a magnetic enthusiasm for music which, when coupled with her approachable and cheerful personality, widens and deepens audiences and their connection to classical music.

Her series of classical music performance/presentations, “Casey Does Classical,” offers a fast and fresh new take on the concert experience, combining entertainment with education and audience-centered design for maximum delight. These fascinating shows cover a wide variety of intriguing topics cherry-picked from the world of classical music, and broken down in inventive, relatable ways. As the Newport Symphony News noted, “Her enthusiasm was infectious…(and she) had no difficulty holding my attention.”

As a violinist, Casey’s bold and colorful playing casts new light on traditional repertoire. Performing on a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind 1874 Friedrich Diehl instrument, she is concertmaster of the Newport Symphony, is a member of the Portland Opera Orchestra and Oregon Ballet Theater, and frequently solos across the region. For more details, visit

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